I live in south central Texas! (or, as it is know as “Tejas” by many of the indigenous locals.)

I am the third daughter of an Air Force man and our family moved around quite often.
While being uprooted about every four years due to my father’s career choice, I did not form any long term childhood friendships, I did, however develop valuable instinct and knowledge about making new friends and how to blend into almost any local society. Over all, I guess there are good points and bad points about all situations.

I have been happily married since 1989 to a good man with a good heart. We never grew our own family but we did invest almost 20 years to the caring of both of my parents as they aged. Now that they have passed on, we suffer the dilemma that most parents of young eventually children endure, the dreaded “empty nest” syndrome.

My husband and I spend our time working our various jobs and when at home, we do extensive gardening for fresh food. One good thing about Texas is you can grow some foods year round!

I am blogging as an additional side income. To date, I have worked with web design, logo and graphic designs. I have managed a few clients online shopping carts with their web sites. I have created a few t-shirt designs and photography for money but blogging and writing has always been one of my favorite past times, so earning an added income has off set the cost of sitting still. I like to keep myself busy, idle hands rarely ever seem able to produce income.

Back porch view at sunset in Texas

Back porch view at sunset in Texas


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